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Setting up internet access to Home Assistant in private network using Cloudflare

Home Assistant (HA) Requirements You need to set up your own domain Point domain DNS servers to Cloudflare DNS (You can register new domain name also Cloudflare to make all manageable in one web interface) For secure HTTPS connections there are fixed port numbers you can use in Cloudflare, you can see list here https://developers.cloudflare.com/fundamentals/get-started/reference/network-ports/… Read More »

How To Install Home Assistant on Windows in few easy steps

Home Assistant is a home automation platform. that allows you to control and monitor your smart devices at home¹. It has a web-based interface that lets you create dashboards, automations, integrations and more¹. You can also use the official Home Assistant apps to control your devices and receive notifications on your phone or watch¹. There are… Read More »