c# – Get Product Version and Assembly Version of external application

Sometimes it is needed to know version of external application’s  Product Version or Assembly Version. It is actually very easy task.

As not version information parts might not be present the try-catch is a must. On other hand there is nothing to do if error occurs, so it is just ignored. Now we set version info… Read More »

c# – Windows File Explorer extension for creating url shortcuts – Part 2

In previous post we stated extension for creating url shortcuts. Now it is time to create actual file explorer menu items and get the basics working. First let’s create small class what will deal with needed registry entries. Creating contect menu items is quite simple, just two entries in registry.  

To handle registration and… Read More »

5 cents hint – msi installer is not updating exe or additional dll-s

After struggling with the issue found simple solution. Open the AssemblyInfo.cs file for your project, and change AssemblyVersion to [assembly: AssemblyVersion(“1.0.*”)] then the assembly version information is automatically updated each time you build the project. Then comment out or remove the AssemblyFileVersion entry from the same file, so the file version defaults the same as… Read More »

How to shoot Supermoon

Supermoon is up, here are short directions how to catch it on photo if you are not a pro: To photograph just the moon by itself, without any objects in the foreground, you will need a long telephoto lens like explained above to magnify the moon and try to fill as much of the frame as… Read More »

c# – Binding Textbox to System.Guid field

Today we look a bit closer on using Guid fields and binding them to edit controls. Binding itself is easy. For simple test let’s load dataset from file data.xml and bind and  and it to TextBox on screen. For simplicity data file is located on program’s  rood directory, so no full path given.

dataset… Read More »

5 cents hint – Skype fails to start on Windows 10

After another Windows 10 update my Skype was lost. It started with Windows and was present in task manager but that was it – no graphical interface anywhere. Tried to reinstall the version from Skye site, no luck. One more time, and one more time, reboot, reinstall with no any results. Tried special Win 10… Read More »

C# Application Launcher with autoupdate. Part 2

Last time we started by defining project tasks and did some preparations (Part 1). Fetching web page Usually autoupdate launcher reads from update server one file with latest version info and other data. In our project we will read directory index listing. It is a bit more complicated as needs html parsing, but first issue to… Read More »

C# Application Launcher with autoupdate. Part 1

Today we start article about application launcher with autoupdate feature. By default Visual Studio offers ClickOnce publishing. It has lot of nice features with all kind bells  and whistles. But there area also some shortcomings like hardcoded url for update and install, no option to have simultaneously installed multiple versions of same application, no option to pass… Read More »

Error: Cannot import the following key file

Sometimes it happens that opening signed project will end to error similar to this : Error  Cannot import the following key file: Comodo_4.pfx. The key file may be password protected. To correct this, try to import the certificate again or manually install the certificate to the Strong Name CSP with the following key container name:… Read More »